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What’s that sound? Why, it’s the SOUND OF NOTHING! The slick post-apocalyptic tale screens in the St. Louis International film festival! Thursday, Nov. 21, 9:15 p.m, Tivoli Theater!

Freakshow Film Festival, in Orlando Florida, Oct. 25-27!

Sound of Nothing has some more festivals coming up!

Zompire: The undead film festival! Oct 4-5 2013 Portland, OR

Unreal Film Festival! Oct 16-19 2013 Memphis, TN

presenting Tommy

These people love the movie!  Plus, they’re drunk!

The wait is finally over! The fourth feature film by director Chris Grega, the post-apocalyptic SOUND OF NOTHING will be let loose Thursday, July 18th, 7pm at the 13th annual St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase as the closing-night feature! Tickets are on sale right now!




SOUND OF NOTHING & the 88mm short film OCCUPATION will screen at the 2013 St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase July 14-18! Exact dates to follow, stay tuned!

Finally, we’re almost there! Only a few short months to go until SON is unleashed!

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