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Directed by Chris Grega

A new reality show, GAME OF THE YEAR, is looking for the greatest warriors of role-play gaming to award the most epic bounty a gamer can imagine, running a game company for an entire year! Only one group in the country can win it all, so when Richard (Damian Samways) and his lifelong friends and fellow gamers decide to heed the call, they agree to have their lives filmed prior to the auditions to better exemplify to the show’s producers just how mighty their skills and solidarity truly are. But as the documentary keeps filming, cracks in the group’s armor begin to show. Like John’s (Dan Probst) fights with his wife over the game. And Kyle’s (Alan David) constant hope that his girlfriend never finds out what really happens at his weekly “poker game”. And Mark’s (Mike Ferraro) shy geekery. And Billy (Derek Simmons)… being Billy. When Richard and Shawn (Christopher Macke) end up at odds over the affections of Jennifer (Meghan Maguire), the sound girl on the documentary, tensions finally snap and the group finds itself battling something more frightening than any tabletop orc or wizard: each other. Can our heroes get it together before the big audition at the local gaming convention, or will they suffer a critical fail that will end their friendships forever?

Official selection St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase
Official selection St. Louis international Film Festival
Winner Midrash Award best local feature
Official selection Archon sci-fi/fantasy convention
Official selection Gen Con sci-fi/fantasy convention
Official selection Midwinter gaming convention
Official selection Contamination sci-fi/fantasy convention

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