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Travis Estes picks up a SECOND Best Actor award, and the film won 3rd Place Feature Film!

I TOLD you people that we knew what we were doing!

Congrats to the whole team!

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Because we’re just a couple of dumbasses, we didn’t take a whole lot of pics! Our screening was an Event Screening done up special by the fest people because they dug our film so much! It was at this really awesome little indie event space called CineCycle. Here’s some pre-event pics (The only ones we took of the whole damn trip) It was such a fun time!

Toronto, Canada, that is! For the 13th Annual ReelHeArt Film Festival! July 3-8 2017!

35 Days won “Best Drama/Dramedy” at the 18th annual Bare Bones Film Festival! On top of that, we had a great time going down to Muskogee, Oklahoma, saw some cool movies and met some fellow filmmakers!

Woo! The festival is in Muskogee, Oklahoma April 18-23, 2017!


Screening Thursday, July 21st at 7pm at the Tivoli theater. Tickets on sale soon!


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