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CRUISER is, or more appropriately, will be, the sixth narrative feature film from 88mm Productions.

I’ll drink to that!


The idea for the film began several years back, when we were working on the fourth 88mm feature, SOUND OF NOTHING. Initially, CRUISER was going to be a short film noir piece. This idea bounced around for a little while, but never quite found traction.


Lighting the bar scene.


Eventually a number of things fell into place, namely securing the Lumiere Casino to shoot a boxing scene in, this being due to Shamrock FC having monthly fights there. Actor/producer Brock Roberts is a member of Finney’s All in One Fitness (the owners of Shamrock) which is how we got in the door at the casino, so to speak.


On location in the casino.


As soon as we had this great location lined up, the decision came down to expand the short script into a feature-length one, something that writer/director Chris Grega spent a year doing.

Once the script was done (is a script ever really done?) we launched into the task of shooting a sizzle for the project, something that had been done twice by 88mm in the past, once for our very first feature, AMPHETAMINE, and again for what was going to be the follow up, SHUFFLE.


Bound for glory!

Instead of SHUFFLE, however, we chose instead to make RHINELAND…which was overall probably a better choice!

CRUISER is going to be our biggest film to date, with a budget that far exceeds everything that has come before it. It is a story that combines utter brutality with the triumph of the human spirit, a visual tour-de-force that fans of 88mm’s work will, for lack of a better term, be completely blown away by!


Ready to go!

We can’t wait to bring it to you!


CRUISER from Chris Grega on Vimeo.


All Images ©2017 Ooh St. Lou Studios

CRUISER is the story of boxer Nickey Logan, a man at the end of his rope who gets into a situation way over his head. It’s going to be a brutal, bloody, knock-down, drag out cinematic experience that you’re not going to easily forget!

All Images ©2017 Susan Bennet/Ooh St. Lou Studios

Travis Estes picks up a SECOND Best Actor award, and the film won 3rd Place Feature Film!

I TOLD you people that we knew what we were doing!

Congrats to the whole team!

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Because we’re just a couple of dumbasses, we didn’t take a whole lot of pics! Our screening was an Event Screening done up special by the fest people because they dug our film so much! It was at this really awesome little indie event space called CineCycle. Here’s some pre-event pics (The only ones we took of the whole damn trip) It was such a fun time!

Toronto, Canada, that is! For the 13th Annual ReelHeArt Film Festival! July 3-8 2017!

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